EDIT 2/19/15: Page reuploaded! Now with a new kind of back-breakage. XD (You may need to refresh the page.)

Thus ends chapter 5.
There will be no update next week and then the week after we’ll start chapter 6. Thanks for reading everyone!

As to whether or not this is the last of Wayne, you’ll have to wait and see. =3

Adjustments have been made to the Patreon recently:
1: You can now get faster comic updates for just $1 a month. A great option if you want quicker updates but don’t care so much about other rewards (you can also get to see the start of chapter 6 a bit sooner).

2: Written Daniel stories (with illustrations) are starting to be posted and you can now pledge for them at $2 a month.

3: Though they may be adjusted more later, the milestones were made a bit more reachable and realistic.

4: I tried to put down a better explanation of my intentions with the comic. =)


Also, consider voting on the poll about the Patreon I made a couple of weeks ago, I will still be keeping the results of it on hand for reference.