Fan Art

By key_0

By Amelius

By Caroline

By key_0

By Rick

By Rick

By Rick

By mushr00ml0ver

By Phatmouse09
(This art contains various other characters. Daniel’s at the bottom right.)

By marielyn-chan

By TenYasha

By Bri-Oliveira

By Amelius

By mloreley

By tigercubmia

By Peazil

By Peazil
(Version 2 of this image!)

By abigailkbacilla

By Ravensa

By Gatobob

By Flane-Kanja
(This art contains various other characters. Daniel’s at the right.)

By B. MacBride

By Kally808

By Kally808

By Myriena

By foxfirewolffang

By NikkieHale
(BITTEN version!)

By fishy

By OtakuPup

By Lilywolfygurl123

By Peazil

By Plamondon

By Lilywolfygurl123

By Ben Saint

By Gatobob

By Kally808

By AffectedMind

By Liam/organ

By Olliart

By Kally808

By Julie

By AnnaTuxedocat

By SweetestKOs

By Einnil

By delphina

By NikkieHale

By peach-molk

By Mariah Currey

By Alyssa

By Becky (NSFW Tumblr)

By Symphorians

Fan Comics

By ElliotD

Fan Fiction

Daniel Returns
by mireasa

by mireasa


“Aftermath” – Cosplay video with Krystal Brooks

Cameo Appearances

Daniel in Cwen’s Quest
A discontinued comic that was also drawn by me (Sarah N.) and written by Nick Stroffolino. Daniel reads ‘Creeper’ magazine and is shoved around by a crazy woman.

Daniel in dream*scar
Daniel is mentally traumatized by a modern club scene.

Daniel in Castoff: [1] [2]
Daniel being judgemental of the poor, yellow-eyed fellow named Vector.


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