The sun rises, as does the tension.

Welcome to the new year, peeps! Back from my break with a….pretty uneventful page. Sorry. XP Seems to always happen that way for some reason…

Did the rest help? Ehh, I don’t really know yet. I just don’t want to speak too quickly about anything, but I’ll keep you guys updated on my situation, as usual.

There is also a cute new fanart by peach-molk in the Fan Works section, featuring Daniel as well as a bat version of himself in red goo…possibly blood, but could be sauce. XD

Thanks also to those who sent fanart during the hiatus! They’re all now in the Fan Works section…AND you can find a new patron name on the Wall Of Love in the Support section! Thanks Alex! ^__^

You can get a more interesting new comic page over at the Patreon later this week! As well as behind the scenes shots, HD pages and PDFs, a dark fantasy novel in the works, and when I can manage it, some sketches and new art.