Once again, kind of a WARNING for suggestive content, but absolutely nothing is shown here, I just don’t have the heart to show much and I figure the important thing is just that readers…get the idea.

And yep, that’s how the chapter ends, and yes, Christine is going to be mighty traumatized by this.

There will be two weeks of nothing starting next week, though technically I’m only taking a one week break. I’m making a special comic page exclusively for Patreon this week, and the next will be me just chillin’, then I get back to trying to be one page ahead the week after that. XP

I also want to say that if you’d like to see any Daniel fanart/fiction or yours on the main page during this time, then now’s the time to send me some! Already got one for it! ^__^ I always forget to request some during downtimes like this.

You can send it to me via email!
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I can’t say for sure how many days your art will be up on the main page, it depends on how many fan works I get. If only get like two, it’ll be up for a whole week! If I get five (HOLY CRAP YES), it’ll be up for a few days or so.

As always, thank you everyone for reading this weird little comic (that’s been so full of nope recently) that I’ve created. ^__^

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I am going to do the SpiderForest Comic(s) of the Week since I always come into these things too late and don’t get to advertise my fellow spideys as much as I like. I’ll be featuring two comics here every week!


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