….this ain’t my usual, erm, writing.

FOR THE RECORD, in spite of the warning, there’s really nothing THAT bad here, but there’s enough touchy-feely and implied things that I felt a warning was necessary. I almost put up a click-through warning page, I did at my Patreon, but I figure here you at least have a chance to avoid scrolling down while at Patreon you just kinda see everything. >.>;

Plus I’m just…trying not to be so paranoid and slap up a warning page every time something ‘adult’ happens since this IS a clearly marked R-rated horror comic, and brand new readers even get an entrance page with another warning.

I know this still isn’t my usual mature content (I’m more of a graphic violence person XD) but since this comic is centered around an insane vampire’s scary version of love for a woman, you’re kind of risking seeing some other types of uncomfortable imagery. Though I intended for this scene to come off as more horror, not something sexy.

STILL I’d say this will be the worst scene in the comic when it comes to this sort of stuff, so people who didn’t “sign up for this” can rest a little easier. XP I believe there will be just one page left after this, which will also be kind of suggestive, so obviously the chapter is going to end on a very uncomfortable note. =|

Aaannyway, I know some people had the question in the back of their minds – about Daniel’s ability to have sex (ADMIT IT, YOU DID), so…you have your answer here.

I’m sure I could’ve gotten away with saying “yes, he can have sex because magic” since it’s already a mystery how he functions when he’s not alive and plenty of undead vampires in stories have gotten away with this…but in the end I decided, no, he doesn’t have blood flow, and while taking in human blood makes him FEEL alive, it doesn’t REALLY make him more alive physically…in fact I’ve been trying to hint with Daniel’s eyes getting more red and sunken in that if anything, it makes him monstrous, not more human.

To sum it up, I decided that shit ain’t happenin’.

Does this mean Christine is ‘safe’ from him and he will just quietly sit there with her while she slowly recovers from her blood loss?
HAHAHAHA, no. He’s still an obsessed, deranged bastard.

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