EDIT: Screw it. I dropped the censor idea because I’m afraid they’re throwing off people when it comes to new updates being posted. The fact that multiple pages had to be censored in a row was really bugging me as well. I will still look into a splash page, otherwise bleh. Maybe I’ll consider just making the ‘R’ rating a bit bigger for now so people can turn away quicker. ^__^;

As for the page……yep. >.>;
Hey, here’s the blowtorch I used for reference in this video (it’s the one on the left). So now you can…know what it sounds like? XD

In other news, I got another lovely fanart, a cool little profile shot of Daniel by B. MacBride!

Once again though, this one was a request I made on a forum. When given the opportunity to get free fanart, you bet I’ll take it. XD Thanks again for this!

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