Yes, I decided to start adding censors to pages I find particularly graphic to spare newcomers or people at work from having unwanted imagery popping up on them. I actually don’t know if I’m going to keep doing these censors or instead make a click-through entrance page, but unless I come up with a really good entrance page where I can preferably put in updates/news too, then I’m just going to stick with this for now. I also went back and put this censor on a couple of other really graphic pages in chapter 5.

EDIT ABOUT CENSORS: I got rid of the censors on the past pages. For now, the censor on the main page is enough for newcomers. Since there is a blatant ‘R’ rating with a warning of graphic violence on the right, I decided most should know the risks when exploring the archives. Censors will be removed as new pages are posted, so they’ll only be on the newest page if said page is graphic.
As for the main page censor in general, I might end up putting up a static entrance page instead, or even pass on this whole idea…but we’ll see. XD


In other news, I added a little something extra to the $5 tier of the DANIEL Patreon.
$5 patrons already get access to HD PDFs of the chapters as they’re completed, but now they will get to see bigger versions of the pages with each new update! No more waiting for the PDFs only! You get to see every friggin’ imperfection in my art all the time. …yayyy? XD

Become a patron and also get faster updates, behind the scenes stuff, early looks at new art or special exclusives ones, and other tidbits.^^