I’m aware that’s a lousy excuse of a tourniquet. XP My defense is it’s because it’s only VERY temporary…and Daniel isn’t trying very hard and could’ve never been a doctor. Plus, he has other plans for closing up his wounds. (Thing in previous page. *hinthint*)

Either way, things are looking very bad for Wayne….err…moreso, I mean.

More lovely fanarts to share by Gatobob and Flane-Kanja! YEEE~! Also, Peazil posted a more bloody take on an art she did as well!

See them in full over at the Fan Works section.
I don’t know what is happening lately but I’ve been absolutely LOVING it! ^___^

By the way, you could be seeing a genderbent Daniel, Christine and Wayne through the the PATREON right now. Just sayin’! XD