See where this is going? (“To the pain” isn’t too far off, actually…)

Holy crap, it has been a GREAT couple of weeks when it comes to fanart! 😀 Thanks so much to Peazil (twice!), Ravensa, AriStuff, and Abigail (Her Tapastic page!). Though actually Abigail was taking character art requests on a forum and I just happened to request a pic of Daniel. XD They’re all so prettyyy~!

Head on over to the Fan Works section to see them in full!

All fanart is appreciated, put into the fanart section (after I make sure the artist is fine with it) and mentioned in the updates. Don’t be shy about showing them to me if you have one! Fanfiction n’ such is also accepted and MUCH LURVED…and cosplay would literally kill me.

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