Before anything, I’m going to be a bit obnoxious (just this one time, I swear) with a large link to my new Patreon page.


For anyone interested in slightly quicker updates, the possibility of seeing a fifth (as opposed to four) Daniel page some months, behind the scenes stuff, or just want to help increase the chances of me printing Daniel later, consider taking a look at it! ^_^ Spreading the word is also extremely helpful if you can’t contribute.

EDITED THE PATREON: Screw it. I moved the “Goodies” reward in the Patreon (now renamed “The Feed”) which contains behind the scenes stuff and artwork to the $2 spot, so you can get more for even less. I wanted to put that in there originally anyway, but thought it helped fill out the $5 spot more. XD EXCEPT I removed “written stories” out of the description. If I offer those I may want to keep that in the $5 spot…but until I actually have some written stories on hand and judge their quality, I’m not even going to put it in yet.

Unfortunately my arm injury troubles kind of screwed up my original plans for this. I wanted to offer WAY more page updates and other art-related things in the $10 and above slots, but at the moment I don’t feel confident enough about putting all that extra work on myself; I want to be able to deliver what I offer. I’d like to think this will change eventually, but for now this will have to do.

And now, about the page –

With a gentle nudge, Daniel teaches Wayne to fly as well.

Wayne got his breath knocked out from that fall, and no doubt other injuries as well. Getting vamp-tossed over a flight of stairs ain’t pleasant….though it’s pretty funny to watch! XD