First off, shout out to Brigida, who threw me for a loop when I saw her basically predict Daniel quoting Tim’s own words back at him. XD

And also, apologies to Leafy, I know you were counting on Tim becoming Daniel’s Renfield. That will just have to be somebody’s extremely incredible fan art, comic or fiction. =3

I’m uh…sorry if any of you were at work or your grandmother’s house when you came to see this page. Sometimes I wonder if I should have a click-through page to the comic so people can avoid spoilers or seeing graphic imagery like this right when they come to this site. The problem is I’m just not sure how to page like that…but maybe I’ll look into it.

As for the comic page, well obviously Daniel forgave Tim and all is right with the world. XD Seriously though, I thought Daniel simply getting glorious, bloody vengeance on nothing but complete a-holes would be a bit predictable and boring. I wanted to give you readers some more conflicting thoughts. No matter what your feelings about what Daniel’s done here, whether you think Tim had it coming or not, this scene was meant to show how far gone Daniel’s empathy is.

It’ll be the week of Christmas, so I won’t be uploading a page then. I’m going to TRY and make that the only week I take off since I took a long October break, but since my family will be around a lot I can’t guarantee it won’t end up being two. I’ll try my best. I do have a teensy buffer but I’m trying to avoid using that up already for personal reasons, but I dunno, I might end up using one page.
I’m also going to try and make a filler of some sort for next week, but again, we’ll see what time, my freakin’ drawing arm and distractions allows me to do.