Hey all, since I’m back working on the one-comic-page-a-month Vermillion Tales, we’re back to losing one Daniel update a month to me working on that instead.

This week, I’ll be working on the first page of the comic this cover is for, Succubus, which is a comic that’ll be available to $5 patrons at the Patreon only. (Note: Because I’m working on the first comic page it won’t be available until like mid-week, so if you become a patron and it’s not there yet, it’s coming! XP)
Yes, it has a rather risque subject matter, but like my first VT comic, Breathing, it’s a horror story above all else.

EDIT: Vermillion Tales: SUCCUBUS – Page 1 has been uploaded to the Patreon!

However, I also decided that this time I’m going to ride the mini-hiatus I’ve started and also take next week to do nothing but rest. I tend to think it’s about time for a break when I get persistent soreness and this time, some dizzy spells. :\ So yeah, there’ll be one week of dead air both here and at the Patreon the week after next.

That means Daniel’s comeback will be the last week of May.
I’ll try to avoid any more break-breaks until at least July. XP

Also, a lil’ reminder that $1 patrons can see the next Daniel update right now since I always stay one page ahead there. 😛