I’ll never let this stupid old comic panel edit die. XD

Yep. I already posted that I was thinking of taking the full month of December off to give my strained arms/hands/neck/shoulder a long rest. Well, I’m officially doing it. I figure December is the best time to since many people will be distracted by the holidays anyway.

However, because PATREON remains a page ahead, you can actually see the next page there right now! Also, though Patreon is included in this break, I may post a few tidbits there this month, including a new Daniel art.

I apologize for the constant breaks on my part, I really do hate delaying Daniel so much. Hopefully this break will serve it’s purpose and I’ll come back and be in better shape for a while.

I may post a couple of old fanarts the next couple of weeks (and one new one I’ve already received), mostly so I can keep posting the remaining SpiderForest Comics of the Week (below), but if you’d like to send in a new fanart or fanfiction, I’ll post it on the main page during the break instead! Just send it to me via email – vermillionworks (a) gmail dot com

In other news, Daniel is one of the winners of an Excellence In Webcomics award for Horror/Mystery! =D =D Soooo damn flattered, but also makes me feel even more guilty for taking a break. ;__; Nonetheless, congrats to the other winners, and well done to the judges for taking the time to judge all those freakin’ submissions. x__x They’ll be announcing the ‘Best in’ top winners of each category in January, too!

Thanks so much for reading everyone, and for your patience. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and stick around for the insanity that will be chapter 9! XP


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