Yep, this is true, unfortunately. Please don’t kill me. ^^;

I’ve had drawing arm pains off and on for a while that just don’t want to get better, and because I have some bigger plans I’d like to do later on which involves even more drawing, I don’t want to make this worse before I start that. So I’ve decided to let my arm rest for a full month (err, I technically stopped drawing right on October 1st).

I know, this is an absolutely horrible point in the story for me to decide to do this and believe me when I say I did NOT want to do this now, but I decided it was better to get the break over with now rather than have no choice but to whilst in the middle of working on some big things (which would mainly be more Daniel). If you’d like a bit more details you can read this Deviantart journal entry I wrote a little while ago.

I’m sorry about this, please know that this hiatus really is the result of purely physical problems. I have been IMMENSELY enjoying working on Daniel and am looking forward to getting back to it. I hope you guys stick around as I think you’ll enjoy the rest of chapter 5 once it gets going again. ^__^

If possible, I’ll try to make Daniel’s return on Halloween since the next page IS near done, but on the chance that I decide it’s best not to start working too quickly it may be the following week after instead.