*sigh* Yep. The last break I took just wasn’t enough, I need two weeks off to rest. I just have no choice.

First off, before I got into details, you can actually see the next, completed page 21 at Patreon (keeping it exclusive to there until my break is over) if you’re a $1 patron –
And an HD version for $5 patrons –

As well as a WIP preview of the page after that, page 22, if you’re a $2 patron! (I started it but then decided I needed a break after that) –

Even though I started working on comics again last week after taking one week off, and did manage to complete one (again, that’s now at Patreon), it wasn’t easy and led into some other serious neck and shoulder pains that have been so bad they keep me up at night and make work nearly impossible.

I don’t know if my neck/shoulder strain is an unrelated injury that is just aggravated by my work, or if it’s directly linked to it, by I know I’m not helping it’s healing process by drawing and using the computer still. My arms aren’t any better either.

I simply can’t work like this and I’m afraid I’m doing serious damage to myself. As usual, I do NOT want to do this and this break is purely due to physical problems, I’m actually DYING to get through this chapter, but if I keep this up, I’m not going to be able to draw at all.

So I’m taking two weeks off, though frankly if by the third week I’m still not feeling comfortable, then….I may have to do what’s necessary and take a third week off so that I can move on with the comic with comfort, but HOPEFULLY two will be enough. Even if it helps I may also have to rethink how I often I take breaks just so I can move on properly with the comic without doing serious damage to myself.

I apologize for the wait and hope everyone sticks around and bears with me. Thanks so much for reading!