NOTICE FOR THE WEEK OF HALLOWEEN: Sorry everyone, no update this week. I’ve decided I need a small break to rest my arm and my brain. x__x;
Though *hint hint* the Patreon may still be slightly ahead of the main site *not-so-subtle hint hint*.

Howeverrr, if I get any new fanarts or even fanfiction this week, I may just post them as an update.
My email is vermillionworks (a) gmail dot com

Or seeing anyone dressed up as Daniel, Christine, or any of the characters for Halloween would make me freak out from the awesomeness. Just sayin’. XP

Either way, as always thank you all so much for sticking around and reading. Have a wonderful, spooky, candy-filled Halloween. ^__^

Yeah, that’ll stop him Christine. *facepalm*
I’m pretty pleased with how the two panels with Daniel turned out.

A couple of other things today. First, just another regular reminder that the Patreon exists, and that I recently finished a large, epic milestone art that’s available for patrons to view now, and it’ll only be available as a wallpaper through Patreon. Here is a tiny glimpse of it, but ALL of the (important) Daniel characters in it. –

You can get new pages a few days earlier for $1, behind the scenes stuff, the occasional random art, and written stories (which I’ll be starting up again soon) for $2, and HD pages and full chapter PDFs for $5!

I also got yet another awesome fanart, this time from Lilywolfygurl123! EEE~! ^__^ It’s in a lovely paint style and I just adore Daniel’s eyes in it!

Go see it in the Fan Works section.