“The last thing I saw was you…”

In spite of the “arrivederci”, Wayne was not an Italian gangster, though he wished he was.

My Tumblr has been restored.
To people who follow my Tumblr, my account was mysteriously terminated yesterday. Dunno why. I messaged them about restoring it, but even if I do get it back, I may start posting there less. Unless they get a serious change in management, it’s just not worth the trouble if I’m at constant risk of deletion for the slightest thing or even as a result of an error on their part. >_>

Next week is a Vermillion Tales update week.

Speaking of, you can read the one-page-a-month comic Vermillion Tales under the $3 tier at the Patreon! $5 patrons get the perks like HD pages, PDFs, concept art and progress shots. The current story going is called “Succubus”.

You can also see the next Daniel comic page before everyone else for $1 a month, as well as WIP shots and extras for $2!