Q: Who the heck are you?
A: I am SarahN, veteran webcomic artist….means I’ve been doing this way too long.

Q: Do you do requests or commissions?
A: I never take requests and am not currently doing commissions right now either.

Q: Will you make a comic for me?
A: Probably not.

Q: Why did you stop working on Vampire Phantasm?
A: I just lost interest in it. I couldn’t find a way to keep it going that I enjoyed and wanted to move on to new things.

Q: Will you ever start working on Vampire Phantasm again?
A: Aside from maybe picking up one or two character base designs from it and using them for something else, I have no plans to touch Vampire Phantasm again.

Q: Can I continue Vampire Phantasm for you by drawing and/or writing it?
A: Other than fan stories where you give me credit, no. I appreciate the offer, but I’m still too attached to it to hand it over to someone else entirely, and I have no new stories to write for it.

Q: What happened with Cwen’s Quest?
A: I just wanted to do my own thing for the moment (FYI I did not write this comic)…though I don’t have a great explanation for this one other than that. ._. If you enjoyed Cwen’s Quest though, be sure and check out the Charby the Vampirate site as the comics there (and any future ones that may appear there) may be up your alley.

Q: Gah, what good are you? Do you EVER finish comics?!
A: Yes, I have finished comics, just not many of the big main ones, I admit. ^^; I WILL finish my current comic Daniel as I actually have a a well-planned story thought out for it and an end a bit closer in sight than my past comics. Plus I freakin’ adore it.

Q: Will you ever print one of your comics?
A: I’d like to print Daniel sometime soon, but have no solid plans for it set at the moment.

Q: Will you make other comics besides Daniel?
A: Yes, which, depending on how my plans work out, could be very soon or after I’m finished with Daniel. Either way, MORE SHALL COME! I love telling stories this way!

Q: How can I show my appreciation for your awesome work?!
A: Oh! Well um…if you’d like, you can make a monthly pledge to my Patreon…or if giving money isn’t an option, you can help spread the word about the comic by tweeting about Daniel with the use of the “#AGraveTale” hashtag, or any mention of my comics on any other place on the internet or in real life is VERY helpful and much appreciated. Or you can drop me a line if you like, as that always boosts motivation with me.

Q: Patreon? What’s that?
A: Patreon is kind of like Kickstarter, but rather intended to give an artist an income rather than throwing a bunch of money into one big project. Through it, you can make monthly donations and not only help support the creation of Daniel, but you’ll also get behind the scenes stuff and exclusive rewards! Even just giving as little as $1 a month is very helpful and gets you faster updates! Check it out!

Q: Do you do accept fanart?
A: GOD, YES. Just shoot me an e-mail with it! If it’s a Daniel fanart I’ll also probably ask if I can post it up on the Daniel site, too. ^__^

Q: Do you do interviews?
A: There is a VERY big chance I will. Just e-mail me and ask!

Q: Okay, so what’s your email?
A: Click ‘Contact’ in the menu at the top of the page, or if you don’t like clicking things, my email is vermillionworks AT gmail dot com. Always happy to answer questions or just hear from new people!

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