Q: Who are you?
A: I am SarahN, veteran webcomic artist….means I’ve been doing this way too long.

Q: Do you do requests, art trades or commissions?
A: I never do requests or art trades, and I’m not currently doing commissions right now either.

Q: What are “Vermillion Tales”?
A: Vermillion Tales are comics I make that are usually pay-to-read only. They are slowly made for my Patreon audience first, then may eventually be posted as a digital purchase on Gumroad. They are usually horror or dark stories, but this may not always be the case.

Q: Why is DANIEL no longer updating?
A: Because the story is finished!

Q: Will you be making anything else related to the DANIEL-verse?
A: Other than making some new art for it once in a blue moon? No. I don’t see a point in that.

Q: Can I expand on the DANIEL story or use the universe for something else?
A: No. Mine.

Q: Why did you stop working on Vampire Phantasm?
A: I lost interest in it. I couldn’t find a way to keep it going that I enjoyed and wanted to move on to new things.

Q: Will you ever start working on Vampire Phantasm again?
A: Nope.

Q: Can I continue Vampire Phantasm for you by drawing and/or writing it?
A: No. I appreciate the interest but that abandoned comic is still mine and will just remain in my dusty corner.

Q: Will you ever write a story about vampires again?!
A: I think I’ve said all there is for me to have to say about vampires. So most likely no, but never say never, I guess.

Q: What happened with Cwen’s Quest?
A: I just wanted to stick with my own thing (FYI I did not write this comic, it was written by Nick Stroffolino). If you enjoyed Cwen’s Quest though, be sure and check out the Charby the Vampirate and any other works by Nick and Amy Stroffolino!

Q: Will you ever print one of your comics?
A: I’d like to print Daniel sometime but there’s technical issues related to it that need to be addressed, but I’ll definitely let everyone know if a print version is gonna happen!

Q: Will you make more comics soon?
A: Yes! I have plans for more and they’ll be shown off here when they’re available somewhere! You can also follow one of my social media sites (located above, under the SOCIAL MEDIA dropdown) to get more instantaneous news!

Q: How can I show my appreciation for your awesome work?!
A: Oh! Well um…if you’d like, you can make a monthly pledge to my Patreon or buy some comics and goodies at Gumroad. Or if giving money isn’t an option, you can help spread the word about my comics and art on the internet or through word of mouth! It’s all very helpful!

Q: Patreon? What’s that?
A: Patreon is kind of like Kickstarter, but more intended to give an artist an income rather than throwing a bunch of money into one big project. Through it, you can make monthly donations and not only help support me and the creation of my comics, but you’ll also get behind the scenes stuff, progress shots, concept art and exclusive goodies! Even just giving as little as $1 a month is very helpful and gets you faster updates on free comics! Check it out!

Q: Do you accept fanart or fanfiction?
A: GOD YES. Just shoot me an e-mail, I’d love to see it! However, even though I used to upload fan works to the DANIEL site, I will no longer be posting new ones up there.

Q: Will you teach me how to make art/comics or write?
A: No, sorry, but there are loads of resources to start learning to write stories or make art! Check out Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or just Google your questions. Good luck on your creative journey, my friend.

Q: Can I at least ask you for some advice or tips on something in particular?
A: You can try, I might answer. I used to make an effort to answer questions like this almost every time, but it’s just too exhausting to keep up constantly. And also, some decided that my answering meant I was now their best friend or would create things for them, so I’m more iffy about answering every e-mail I get now. Don’t take advantage of kindness, people. >_>

Q: Can you critique or at least read my story for me?
A: No. This is the sort of thing I will only do for close friends anymore. Again, I USED to, but this is ten times more time-consuming and stressful than giving a bit of advice. So no. Sorry.

Q: Since you collaborated once before, would you make a comic for/with me?
A: Sorry, most likely not. There may come a time when I open myself up to the idea of working on a SHORT project with someone again, but because of how slow and difficult it is to just make my own stuff now, especially with my physical issues, the idea of taking that on again doesn’t sound very appealing or doable to me. Also when it comes to writing, I consider myself a terrible collaborator. XP

Q: I just want to e-mail you and compliment your work. Is this okay??
A: Absolutely! In fact, that’s always a hell of a motivation-booster, so fire away. 0__0

Q: Okay, so what’s your email?
A: It can be found under “Contact” in the menu at the top of the page, but if you don’t like clicking things, my email is vermillionworks AT gmail dot com.