I simply have no more interest in this comic. Very sorry, but thank you for reading!

For more by me, please check out my new vampire comic, “DANIEL”!
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VP2.0, the old version of this comic most people are familiar with, is available to read over at Smackjeeves if you’re interested in taking a trip down memory lane.
VP 2.0 at Smackjeeves

That’s all the pages I have at the moment, and…hoo boy, where to begin. I have basically been letting my buffer of VP pages run out for a good couple of weeks now after losing the urge to work on it.

I’ve been working on this comic for around ten years now and I am just starting to feel the effects of it for the first time, I have been since I started this 3.0 version…err whatever, remake started. It’s not dislike for the story, problems with it, or anything like that anymore (so don’t offer to help with it or anything please, even if I do appreciate the thought), in fact I rather like what I’ve made. No, it’s purely disinterest. I don’t want to work on it right now. Period.

I have some new ideas and things I’d just rather try out instead right now and I’m not going to let myself feel ‘trapped’ by my own comic I make for fun, because then I’ll really hate it if I do.

Could this change soon? Sure, I’m pretty unpredictable obviously, I could spazz out and change my mind about all of this, but I am not going to guarantee anything anymore, I have gotten your guys hopes up one too many times and so I’ve learned it’s best to just keep my mouth shut about these things and just say ‘wait and see what comes’.

As always, you can check out my other future stuff and I’ll absolutely love you for it if you do. Know I’ll be aiming SHORT for any future comics or any project for that matter for the time being. XD Those are actually possible for me to finish, as I learned from VP: Excrucio. One idea I have right now is actually another vampire story. (Yeah, I know…eheh.)

…and if things are looking particularly bleak for VP to me one day, I WOULD really like to get out the story in SOME form, or at least the big ass important plot points you guys never got to see. The last thing I want to do is leave you guys completely oblivious for all time after you’ve stuck around for so long. Though right now I am not thinking VP is dead, I’d still like to think I’ll come back to this eventually.

For FUTURE INFO/GOODIES, your best bet is to keep an eye out on this page, the main site, or my Deviantart site. Also, on a brighter note, Cwen’s Quest will be continuing again very soon!

I ask that you please sleep on it before you send me any angry, denouncing, or trolling messages. It’s pointless anyway, because I won’t respond to them. You can relish in the fact that I feel REAAALLLYYY guilty about this after such a great comeback…and am already beating myself up for it plenty. I will apologize for getting your guys hopes up so many times that this will continue steadily at last, and I can only hope this will get back to normal again sometime soon.

So yes, in short, hiatus. Bet you never heard THAT word here before. Oyy…
No matter what, thank you so very much everyone for sticking around all this time and I hope you’ll continue to give my work a glance.

P.S. Sorry if the text was rather painful to look at.