Boy, the story took a weird turn, didn’t it?

OKAY, explanations now! First off, this is a guest comic by the very generous Elliot (his Deviantart) who made this when I stated on my Twitter that I’d take a new fanart to post as filler this week. He did one better and made this!

As for WHY the first page of Chapter 7 isn’t up yet, it’s because my arm strain has been very bad recently and I decided to give my arm one more week of rest. I DO have a couple of pages of buffer, but I didn’t want to use it up before the chapter even properly started, so I decided to hang onto it this time. Obviously, if my arm acts up again later, then I’ll just use what I have.

So yes, sorry for getting your guys hopes up there, but it can’t be helped sometimes. The first page WILL be posted next Monday night, and thanks again to Elliot for throwing this hilarious comic together so fast.