Reminder: Christine is Leonard’s sister-in-law, and this is Christine’s ex-boyfriend.

Announcement! I will be taking next week off just to give my arms/hands/brain a little rest. While I have been doing okay enough recently and I never like doing this, I’m trying to take it easy on myself more often and take off when things are getting to be too much on me physically.

Also, in case you didn’t see it last time! I recently uploaded a FREE, 3 chapter preview of my dark fantasy novel, “Velis”, that I’m currently fiddling with. XD If you’re interested and have some time to do some reading, give it a look!
The link to the .PDF file is towards the top leftish of the page. You’ll need Adobe Reader (a free program) or something that opens PDFs to read it.


SpiderForest will be taking new comic applications until the 18th! It ends this Saturday!

Be sure and read through all the details, whether this is your first try or you’re reapplying!