NEWS FOR 12/14/15:
I will be taking three week break. I had originally planned to only take the last two weeks of December off, but due to some very worrying dizzy spells I’ve had recently (including one VERY BAD one I woke up to in the middle of the night), I decided not to push my luck and keep working. As always this happens during a terrible moment in the comic, but I think it’s time I’ve had a real break.

Please take note that you can still see the next, completed page through the Patreon, or even if you can’t do that, there will be an artwork posted here on the main site around Christmas time, not Christmas related but definitely Daniel related! So do check back soon if you’re interested!

Daniel will begin updating normally again starting MONDAY, JANUARY 4TH.
(I usually post pages at 7pm EST.)

Thank you all so much for reading. This year has been kind of nightmare for me when it comes to real life, with my older dog dying, my mom having surgery and recently a fire right next to my house, but it has been an incredible one for Daniel. Hope you all stick around for more! 🙂

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! All that stuff!


Christine doubts her own instincts and wonders if she should’ve reacted the way she did.

I got a couple of awesome new fanarts! The first is a gorgeous yet creepy piece (with a touch of blood) by the wonderful Gatobob! As well as another adorable one of Wayne and his gang of misfits by Kally808!

Thanks so much, guys.^^ Go look at them through the Fan Works section!

Please consider contributing to the Patreon to get comics even sooner, as well as other goodies! The first chapter of the short, written story of how Daniel and Wayne first met is now up! In fact, here’s a little preview of it! Includes riveting dialogue from Wayne. –