Leonard’s stories are kind of dull.

Was this scene absolutely and completely necessary? Yyyyes and no. I had my reasons, but just enjoy this little light-hearted moment. There won’t be much more of these to come. ^__^;

In other news, I got a new fanart by Phatmouse09, LOOKIT THE COOLNESS~!

And it ain’t even my birthday quite yet…
However, this little shot is cropped down, this pic of Danny was apart of one big sketch picture with other random characters (not Daniel related).
Go to the link through the Fanart section to check it out in full.

There are actually TWO fanarts you may not have seen in there…

This one is by mushr00ml0ver that I recieved quite a while ago. I CLEAN forgot about posting it in my Fanart section and feel real dumb and guilty about it…but well, it’s in there now too and it’s freakin’ awesome! ^__^ It has more than one lovely sketch of Danny boy in the full pic.

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