We’re back! Sorry about that bit of downtime due to my own stupidity. =/ Basically I tried to update my Comicpress and everything went to hell, but it’s all back up now and luckily most of the layout was still intact so I managed to get everything back up farely quickly.

Anyway, there’s pros and cons from all of this:
1: A NEW LOOK! Not a brilliant change or anything, but there ya go.
2: I wanted to switch to Comic Easel instead of Comicpress anyway, so now I have. It has some oddness here and there, but it’s easier to use than Comicpress.

1: The biggest con is the comments made on the site are no longer visible. 🙁 Sorry guys. HOWEVER, I can still go back and see old comments in my Disqus account, so it’s not a complete loss! I will go back many a time to look at them again. ^_^ And of course, new ones can still be made now.
2: The archives dropdown isn’t quite as convenient anymore since Comic Easel just will not let me have all of the pages visible in it…but you can go to the start of the chapters in the dropdown AND all of the pages are visible in the Archives, just click “Archives” in the menu at the top left of the page!

The layout/setup may still go through some adjustments before it’s over, like I’m still not sure about those comic navigation arrows, but it’s good enough for the time being. Do let me know if you notice anything off with the archives! Like a title that’s off or pages out of order.

Now on to the new page itself:

That’s it for Frankie.

The second panel could’ve been clearer. I think I tried to squeeze in too much there. 😐

To clarify though, Wayne shoots at Daniel several times (as Daniel starts to float downwards) in an attempt to get him to let go of Frank. He lands one shot, but Daniel doesn’t even react to it.

Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving this week. =3