Recognize that abandoned house? Also, Wayne’s last line is referring to how he would always get Daniel’s name wrong back in chapter 1 (though it was on purpose).

$2 patrons saw a decanter(?) that would’ve been filled with booze and a cup in Wayne’s hand in the preview of this page, but I decided he was more of a “crate full of beer” guy.

Turns out Wayne just wanted to kick back and have some beers with Daniel, but Daniel hated it so much that it killed him.
Or maybe the beers are just for Wayne’s and his cronies own benefit. XP

Also, a quick reminder that next week there will be no DANIEL update so I can make the next page of Vermillion Tales: Succubus for Patreon.

In other awesome news, a super nice dude named Salem made an awesome review video about my comic! It’s quite in-depth and VERY complimentary, thanks again for taking the time to do this!^^
DANIEL review video

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