I found this moment rather surreal to write. How often do you get to talk to a loved one about their death?

A reminder that Daniel was lurking about killing people as a vampire for about three months before going to Christine. He rose from the grave not too long after his murder, so they would’ve definitely fixed up a grave with a hole in it by now. Whether they bothered to take a look at the coffin or not, I’ll leave to speculation. If they did, they would’ve found the original skeleton and a big hole in the coffin – no Daniel. I have no other information to give on the matter of the hole and any investigation related to it. XD

Since I saw this considered: The guy who’s standing here is definitely THE Daniel, not some blood-sucking spirit or double that went on a killing spree while Daniel’s real corpse remained in the ground. This and some other things will be extra-confirmed in the next page.

I totally forgot to mention this on my last update but SpiderForest has been taking comic applications, but you only have until TOMORROW to apply. So sorry I didn’t bring it up sooner. .__.


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