Back again! There is now a new episode of Vermillion Tales: BREATHING over at the Patreon for $5+ patrons.

As for the Daniel page…*siiighh* It looked more interesting in my mind.
And yes, the coroner/pathologist dude has an askew blind eye, that’s not a big mistake. XD

I found some of my historical info for this scene a bit late. There should probably be a few more people helping out here, but whatever. Who needs historical accuracy in a depression era comic, am I right?? ;___; Let’s just say the other guys needed sandwiches.

They also didn’t really use proper body bags at the time, though they had been invented many years before. They just covered the body with…whatever. Thank you 1930s for nearly screwing up my plans for this chapter.

Also, thanks again to Becky for the guest art last week! You can now find it in the Fan Works section!