He needs to be double dead.

ANNOUNCEMENT ON DECEMBER BREAK: Even though we just had a Daniel update hiccup due to me making the Vermillion Tales episode last week, my upcoming December break is upon us. I am still mentally debating whether I should make it a full month’s rest or do an extra Daniel update and make it a three week one.

But whether my break starts next week or the week after, now is a GREAT time for any Daniel fanart/comics/fiction; I’ll post them up on the main page as filler updates! Just a thought though. 😛

Email your fan works to vermillionworks (a) gmail dot com
I’m also on Twitter, Tumblr, and Deviantart if you prefer to contact me another way.
Uploading fanart/comics to something like Deviantart so I can use the link is appreciated but NOT a requirement.

Either way, sorry again for Daniel’s questionable update rate and I hope you guys stick around for the new year! Things are going to get crazy in the story!

Speaking of, Vermillion Tales: BREATHING was updated with the final episode of this particular story.

Also a quick reminder that the RedBubble shop exists.