About the Comic

DANIEL is online graphic novel of the scary kind. It is written and drawn by Sarah Nelson and seeks to bring some horror back into the vampire genre. It also contains graphic violence, adult language and situations you may find unsettling. Mature readers only!

In a 1930s Illinois, we enter the life of Daniel Groth, an unfortunate and timid man that was recently forced to become a gravedigger to pay the bills. He has been secretly in love with his best and only true friend, Christine, since he met her years ago.

However, Daniel suddenly seems to vanish off the face of the Earth one day, and isn’t heard from again for quite some time. Until late one night, when Christine gets a single knock on her door. Daniel has returned to his beloved, but as an unnerving shadow of his former self. Witness an extremely tense downward spiral as the truth behind Daniel’s new, highly bloodthirsty nature is slowly revealed.



About the Artist/Author

Sarah Nelson is a super shy artist who has been dabbling in digital art for many years, particularly comics. When she does the writing of said comics she seems to specialize in horror and the just plain weird, though isn’t a stranger to drawing comedy and action as well.

Having started in the webcomic world in the late 90s by doodling Dragon Ball Z fancomics and scanning them, Sarah went on to various, experimental webcomics and finally settled on ‘Vampire Phantasm’, which, while it was a learning experience, could not be developed in a way that she enjoyed. Remnants of it are still around.

Sarah then collaborated with Nick Stroffolino on Cwen’s Quest for a time while also starting up her second take on vampires, which is, of course, DANIEL. Sarah will basically be drawing until she dies or at least until her arm falls off.