Sarah Nelson is a creator of comics, writing and drawing them herself. They’re often dramatic stories revolving around the scary, dark, or just plain weird, though she isn’t a stranger to drawing comedy and action as well.

Having started in the webcomic world in the late ’90s by doodling Dragon Ball Z fancomics and scanning them, Sarah went on to various, experimental webcomics until finally settling on a comic called “Vampire Phantasm” for some time, which, while it was a learning experience, could not be developed in a way that she enjoyed. Remnants of it are available on this site.

Sarah then collaborated with Nick Stroffolino on “Cwen’s Quest” for a good while as well as starting up her second try at the vampire genre, “Daniel”, which she is much more proud of and managed to see through to the end!

Sarah intends to continue to tell stories through comics until she runs out of creative juice or her arms fall off.