Rens’ Reflection

Like Moonlight Shadows, Fleeting Sight,
Secrets are Locked Away the Night,
Fear and Fire, Twilight Bound,
The Seeker Hears Ne'er a Sound
Like Eyes of Glass, Silvered Shields,
Secrets Brew in Flowing Fields,
To Turn a Key, a Sight and Sound,
Once More to Call on Shadows Bound.

A Shadow darts from a shaded place,
A cursed one from a forgotten race.
She fears none but only one,
A foe she never can outrun.
A foe she fights with bear and blade,
Yet neither affects this shadowed shade.
A pounding heart, twin fangs are bared,
A spectre from a mind curse-marred.

A Blood-Chained Blade, An Iron Bear,
Weapons to make a stranger stare.
Yet in her hands, they are hell contained,
Blurring, Twirling Flashing Death-stained.
She spins to face, again sees nothing,
Wonders what her madness brings.
A Calling card of death incarnate,
Only Mistress of Madness’ mate.

Call her Crazy, Call her Mad,
We cannot know how she is Sad.
Face to Face with Fear not ‘Fraid,
A Pipers mournful tune is played.
Her only hope a Lovers embrace,
But her Lover is deaths disgrace.
Her foe is near, her breath she hears,
But sees only her reflection, in a mirror of shadows clear.

She charges forth, alone, afraid,
In this Twisted, Bloody Glade.
A girl once more, Abandoned, Alone.
Her madness given no time to atone.
Her blade a-humming in her hand,
Time runs like grains of sand.
The two are but only one, to all who have seen.
A reflection of a shadow or what was,
And might have been.