Fanfiction Contest



Winner's entry:
"A Splinter In My Side" by Sami Gibbs

Runner-up's entry:
Fanfiction by Nazoo

The other entries (these are not in order by place):

"The Beginning to the End" by Vluko1 & Raven_in_Hell

"Because the Night..." by Andy Boylan

"The Birth of Dark" by Marona

"The Rise of Maximilian Orlock" by Scott Barvinchak

Fanfiction by WindDancer007

"Blood Child" by Chris Krider

"Pain" by Paris Lilley

Fanfiction by Duncan

Fanfiction by Rachael Hawkes

 Thanks a lot to everyone who entered this. I'm very happy it was as successful as it was, and that I see some familiar names. The final decisions were also very hard to make, like "The Beginning to the End" and "The Rise of Maximilian Orlock" were tied with Nazoo's Fanfiction for a good while. Though when "Splinter In My Side" was entered, it basically took the cake and kept it.

Well done Sami! I'll get your prizes (artworks based on your fanfiction) done as soon as I can!

Also sorry to the people who didn't make it in time, perhaps you can try the next contest! ..and remember, I still take fanfiction all the time if you have a dire need to finish what you started!

I've learned a few things from running this contest....the main thing being to make a rule for putting a title on your fanfiction. It's just easier....and it just looks nicer doesn't it?

Again, thanks everyone for taking the time to do this! If your fanfiction is missing, or a link is broken, or if I got some links mixed up, give me an email!

As for everyone else, enjoy the demented stories of the Demon King that is Orlock!