Fanart Contest




The other entries (may only be up for a limited time...meaning a while):

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I'm SO sorry about not putting up the names guys...due to the fact that I accidently renamed half of the entries, which had the people's names...because I'm an idiot, I had to leave it at numbers. There would've been too much searching to do otherwise. You CAN email me with your name, but I doubt I'll change would be messy having some names up and others not.

Thanks muchly to all who entered this contest. It was a huge success! Almost too huge, I had a terrible time keeping track of everything.
Also, two people's entries didn't make it in, because they didn't follow the rules...but if you believe your entry did everything right and isn't in here....well, I doubt you'll have a chance of winning now...but I may still put up your entry. Give me an email!