Fan Fiction Contest #1


There are not going to be any polls, I decided the winners in order here. Please, if you didn't win don't get offended, I'm very thankful for all of your entries and they were all fun to read.
Also, very sorry if you didn't get your fic done in time, I tried to give you all time, really I did. I'm talking MONTHS here people! So sorry. I'll still check yours out and may sooner or later put it up for people to view, but you have no chance of entering this contest now. There may be other contests in the future though. Stay tuned!

First Place: "Awaken within the Darkness" by Andy Boylan
Commentary from SarahN: What can I say? Not only was the writing and story magnificent, but Andy also paid very close attention to details in the VP comic and website. Your prizes will come soon! Thank you very much for your wonderful entry!

Second Place: "Jack's Narration" by Wazaga
- View drawings by Wazaga based on this fic.
Part 2 may be put up soon.
Commentary from SarahN: This story was tied with Andy's for a good while, Wazaga's was the only story that literally made me cry. Very deep and good. Thank you Wazaga!

Third Place: "The Composer" by Liz
Commentary from SarahN: It was so well written that I had to give it third place. Well done Liz!

Fourth Place: "I Am Jack" by Quin
Commentary from SarahN: Very disturbing and fun to read. Thanks Quin! (Beware the typos, she's from Holland.)

Fifth Place: "Vampire Phantasm Fanfic" by Caroline
Commentary from SarahN: Rather short. There is also an inaccuracy in how Vallov was created. Still this was quite a pleasing read! Thank you Caroline!

....yup this is it. All the FINISHED entries anyway. I had gotten so many people saying that they were entering and was having so many problems, I didn't realise how few I had recieved. XD Or I hope I didn't forget anyone.
BECAUSE I have so few I may soon put up unfinished entries. And again, if you finish up an entry I may still put it UP, but you have no chance of winning now.