WINNER ENTRY: "Last Night" by Kristen
Category: The First Nights
Sarah's Commentary: This and Sylvia's "Humanity" were tied for quite some time, both have extremely good writing and storylines. However I just can't resist when someone gets the horror of Orlock and Jack's relationship so perfect, and even more rare is it that someone gets Orlock's personality and insanity dead-on. Plus she got one extra point in my book for using character names from Nosferatu. XD Thanks also for being the first to send an entry for the contest.

RUNNER-UP ENTRY: "Humanity" by Sylvia Kresock
Category: The First Nights
Sarah's Commentary: Even though this story is to be continued, it has some amazing dialogue and unique ideas, with a human disguised as a vampire and an entire arena for bloody vampire battles. There's even rats that are mutants from feeding off vampiric flesh. It doesn't get much better than this.

THIRD PLACE ENTRY: "In the Presense of Another World" by Jacob D.
Category: Jack VS
Sarah's Commentary: There aren't many stories revolving around the humans of VP and their struggles against the vampiric invasion, and Jacob does a great job of delving into it. Jack and Orlock's appearances are just the icing on the cake. Thank you for this wonderful story!

Thanks so much to everyone else who entered this little, rather shaky fanfic contest of mine! I loved them all!

THE OTHER ENTRIES (in no particular order):

"Distinct Lines" by Jess B.
Category: Jack VS

"A Night to Remember" by Raven-in-hell
Category: Laugh Out Loud

"Bloody Graveyards" by Guitar Wolf
Category: Jack VS

"Mirror" by Kai
Category: The First Nights