Winner's Entry:
"Psychiatry" by SarahBelle
0-1, 2-3

Runner-up's Entry:
"Grey Eyes and Sunlight Hair" by Sonja

The other entries (these are not in order by place):
"The Endless Night and The Great Bear" by Firkasa

"Delirium" by Din of Silence

"The Revengeful and The Insane" by Ferreter

"Into Darkness" by Chelsea

"Children of the Black Eden" by Kyhan
0-6, 7-11

"Farrago" by Bedlam14

"The Shadows of Life" by Raven_in_hell

"The Bloodline of Maximilian Orlock" by Aim

"Enter Darkness" by Andrew Lidwell

Once again, thanks to everyone whom took the time to enter. I always love reading them. Once again, two people were tied for runner-up for a good while, Sonja's "Grey Eyes and Sunlight Hair" and Firkasa's "The Endless Night and The Great Bear"

...but anyway, thanks everybody!