Characters of Vampire Phantasm







Name: Jack Price
Nickname(s): Jack Darkness, Prince of Darkness
Race: Vampire - sired by Max Orlock
Biography: Constantly smiling, killing like it's a reflex, and all-in-all doing as he pleases with a deranged indifference, Jack is obviously a few cards short of a full deck. Very few vampires dare to cross him however due to his ruthlessness and abnormally strong manipulation over shadows and darkness. However he has much more to him than meets the eye, as he has a horribly dark past involving his sire, Orlock. He rarely opens up about such though, and can become very cold when it is mentioned. He tends to lose his patience easily.

Name: Jillene Whyte (JIL-LEEN)
Nickname(s): Jill
Race: Vampire - sired by Jack Price
Biography: At the beginning of the story, we see Jill wandering the wilderness and finding her way to a hideout for vampire hunters. She is rather ill, but is nonetheless seeking to become a hunter herself. This idea doesn't last long however when two vampires and a drone show up and slaughter all of the hunters. Unarmed and defenseless, Jill hides in a closet during the raid. Unfortunately she is found anyway by one Jack Price. At first, Jack treats Jill like any other "snack", that is until he gets a good look at her face after draining her. He immediately offers her a choice in order to save her life: vampirism, and she reluctantly agrees to it. Jill has proven to be fiercely independant, strong-willed, stubborn, and at times rather dangerous to the vampires she now shares living space with. She seems to have bottled up her true personality. 

Vallov (VAL-LUV)
Nickname(s): None
Race: Drone
Biography: Vallov is of the rare vampire-made race, the Drones, and was created by Orlock using Jack's blood and the usual macabre methods to put together his body. Like all Drones, Vallov's main purpose in life is to protect and serve his vampire master Jack. He has a strong connection to him and even learns to show emotion through him, as we see when he cracks a smile from time to time. Though Jack and the others wonder if there isn't something more to him, if he feels his own emotions. Vallov is extremely quiet, usually only giving abrupt responses to orders. Though occasionally he will ask questions when he is very curious about something. He loathes Orlock to no end, as he is the only one he cannot protect Jack from.

Maximilian Orlock
Nickname(s): Max, The Demon King, Blood Eyes
Race: Vampire - sire unknown
Biography: Demonic, ferocious, and horribly cruel, Orlock is an exceedingly powerful vampire that no one dares to trifle with without risking terrible consequences. Jack is said to be Orlock's only sireling, as well as basically his slave. Orlock gets what he wants by inflicting suffering, be it with illusions; mind manipulation, or with the help of medieval torture devices found in his castle. Because of his otherworldly characteristics and inhumane behavior, his race and history are constantly questioned. All in all Orlock is a living, monstrous enigma. He eats the flesh as well as drinks the blood.


Name: Topaz Michaels
Nickname(s): Paz, Pazzy
Race: Vampire - sired by a clansmen
Biography: Topaz is Jack's only link to his old, human life. The two were supposedly best friends during their school years, making him the only person who knows what Jack was like before his mental breakdown. Though even now he is the only one Jack truly opens up to. A kind and loveable jokester, Topaz is one of the few vampires in the world whose personality wasn't altered by the traumatizing vampiric transformation. Though some people, including Jack, wonder if it didn't drive him crazy in a way, and he simply masks his true feelings for the sake of his friends. Though he learned to be exceptionally skilled with guns and axes, he seems to only fight when necessary and doesn't usually go along on Jack's raids. He has a bit of a temper, as well as a slight perverted streak around women.