Q: I’m new and oblivious!
A: Then you’ve come to the right place.

Q: What is this “Vampire Phantasm”?
A: An online comic….about vampires. I hate writing plot summaries, just read it! XD

Q: What is this comic rated?
A: It is rated WEB-MA or R. There is graphic violence and adult language/situations, mature readers only.

Q: When do you update?
A: EDIT - The comic is currently on hiatus. Sorry. Usually Tuesdays. Sometimes I take a break or take time to rebuild comic page buffers between chapters though. Either way, if there is a lull in updates…READ THE BLOG/RANTS! PLEASE.

Q: Where are the old versions of Vampire Phantasm??
A: I’m sorry, they were removed from all my sites due to space and because they were confusing newcomers (save for Excrucio). Perhaps one day I will reupload them somewhere, but not now. I won’t send them to you, so don’t ask.

Q: What is Vampire Phantasm: EXCRUCIO?
A: It is a prequel story about Jack and Topaz’s pasts. Though it is canon, it is NOT a required read to understand the main story. It’s also quite gritty, so you’ve been warned.

Q: What does EXCRUCIO mean?
A: It’s Latin for ‘to torment’. I hate it now and don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to use that.

Q: What the heck is ‘Drunkduck’?
A: A webcomic hosting site. It is used as a mirror host for Vampire Phantasm.

Q: Do you take fanart and fanfiction?
A: YES!! I loovvess fanart and fanfiction, can’t get enough of it! I can’t guarantee it’ll go up on my site though, I’m just slow at it and the fan stuff piles up on me. But I always appreciate and love fanworks nonetheless!

Q: Why are the Drunkduck and Deviantart sites updated a page behind?
A: To get more attention on my main site!

Q: Do you do art commissions?
A: Yes, sometimes. Go to my Deviantart site, look at my journal, and see if I have Commissions open (if not, check back later). Then click the link for details about commissioning me!

Q: Do you do requests or art trades?
A: No, sorry.

Q: I just don’t get it.
A: Then you probably just need to look around and reread the FAQ. If not, feel free to email me with your question if you REALLY need help.