“I think…” Smooth, Topaz.
There is now an F.A.Q. at the top of the page, so if you’re new or confused about something, check it out!

ART COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN at my Deviantart site.

Also, if you’re wondering what the new poll is all about…well, I recently upgraded to Windows 7. With each new Windows upgrade my picture gets more vibrant…but it also makes the colors I use in my comics brighter! My darker colors get lighter and suddenly Jack appears to be wearing a gray outfit rather than a black one. Yes, naturally I turn down the brightness/contrast a bit after upgrading to make it look better, but it makes me wonder what everyone else is seeing. It’s kind of a pain sometimes…I’m afraid of choosing even darker colors for my sake because then it may appear as a blackout to everyone else! XD

So I thought I’d put up a poll and see what the gist of my readers are seeing at least. If you’re wondering what I WANT the picture to look like, it’s the “In-Between” answer on the poll. Most of the time Jack’s outfit and hair are supposed to be a very dark gray that is bordering on black. I do it that way so I can use black on black and still have the details farely visible.