EDITEDIT: There is now a Hebrew translation of Vampire Phantasm available! Special thanks to augustsama for it!

EDIT: If anyone’s noticed any minor changes, I accidently messed up my layout earlier and had to fix it. Sorry about that. XO

Thus ends chapter 1! Thank. God. I am SO sick of that chapter. XD (Also, random color. Yay!)

Anyway UPDATING NEWS: The buffer I had built kind of slipped out from under me due to bad timing, procrastination, headaches, and severe thunderstorms. So I was only planning to take a week off from updating, but I might have to make it two to rebuild a decent buffer.

A couple of other things…
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And if anyone wants to submit a VP fancomic or two to help fill the hiatus void here then that’d help me a lot. =3
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