A new layout is now up, but UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Don’t expect all the links to work yet.
Also, the comic is still not officially updating yet, in case you were wondering.

Coming soon…..but not quite yet.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get your hopes up again, but it IS coming soon…fer realz this time!

A Little Q&A:

So what’s first?
First and foremost I am taking a bit of a break and maybe do some art on the side; art that I owe some people, maybe one or two VP-related artworks for promotion n’ such, and some other random stuff.

I also have an old VPX animation that I may or may not work on. I kind of want to work on it, but animation takes forever to do and I’m not sure I have the patience to delay the comic for that reason. PLUS, I plan to do small “animated comic” segments for certain scenes in the main VP story when I get the chance. They wouldn’t be full-moving animations, just moving comics with perhaps voices and music. Kind of like audio dramas with comic pages to look at. So yeah, I might just focus on that instead. But we’ll see, I may work on some of it at least.

Are you restarting the main VP story for the hundredth time??
I’m not going to put my foot down on anything yet, I could very well decide on a full restart if it just makes more sense in the end, but I’ll say more than likely I will only be changing things in the comic that need changing due to continuity errors and….things I just know sorely need fixing. So more than likely: the first chapters will be remade (though not the prologue) and maybe even merged into only a couple of chapters, and PARTS of chapter 4+ will be adjusted but mostly left alone. If I stick with this plan, then yes there will be lots of new to old art hiccups, but I think I and everyone else can deal with this though if it means moving on with the main story quicker. Or at least I hope.

Will you be building a buffer for the comic?
YES. I really want to avoid the “two weeks between updates” problem I’ve been having if possible, at least for as long as I can….so yeah, that will also take some time.

So when do you expect VP will start to be updated?
I’m not going to presume to know when. It’ll just come when it comes I’m afraid. I really want it to be soon though, I don’t want to lose readers by making you all wait months.

So I’ll have to look at nothing for a while??
Weelll, if you go to my Deviantart or my new VP Facebook account I may upload teasers of the comic, other new art, and news on what I’m doing. I also have a Twitter if you want STRICTLY news (I don’t put anything but updates there).

I also still update Cwen’s Quest regularly. Perhaps if you have not checked that one out, now would be a good time to read through the archives. =3

Thank you all so much for reading, and please stay tuned for Jack’s next adventures in Happy Land! =D