Recently burnt Daniel gets into the Christmas spirit! A quick, so-called holiday art…been a while since I made something silly. 😛

Yup, after losing sleep thinking about it, I’ve decided to take the full month of December off.

Remember that I’ll be taking any new Daniel fanart/comics/fiction throughout the month and will post them here on the main page!

Email your fan works to vermillionworks (a) gmail dot com
I’m also on Twitter, Tumblr, and Deviantart if you prefer to contact me another way.
Uploading fanart/comics to something like Deviantart so I can use the link is appreciated but NOT a requirement.

But either way, thanks so much for reading everyone and hope you come back for the new year of Daniel craziness! Hopefully I’ll be nice and refreshed then, and I also might make a point to make January a -Daniel updates only- month.

Happy Holidays! 🙂


Also, a quick reminder that the Patreon is still one page ahead, you can see the next Daniel comic there as a $1+ patron.

And Vermillion Tales: BREATHING was updated with the final episode of this particular story.

A RedBubble shop exists now, too.