Sarah Nelson is a super shy artist who has been dabbling in digital art for many years, particularly comics. When she does the writing of said comics she seems to specialize in horror and the just plain weird, though isn’t a stranger to drawing comedy and action as well.

Having started in the webcomic world in the late 90s by doodling Dragon Ball Z fancomics and scanning them, Sarah went on to various, experimental webcomics and finally settled on ‘Vampire Phantasm’, which, while it was a learning experience, could not be developed in a way that she enjoyed. Remnants of it are available on this site.

Sarah then collaborated with Nick Stroffolino on Cwen’s Quest for a good while as well as starting up her second try at the vampire genre, ‘Daniel’, which is now her ongoing main project. Sarah seeks to make a living off her work, but even if she can’t she will basically be drawing until she dies or at least until her arm falls off.


Loves: Vampires and horror (but is also very particular about them), trippy music (freakin’ RADIOHEAD), caffeine, old movies, traditional effects in film, antiques, unique characters, mythology, morbid history, artwork with a lot of emotion and/or atmosphere….and desserts. Lots and lots of desserts.

Pet-peeves: Most modern takes on vampires and horror, lifeless expressions in art, auto-tune, avocado, cgi abuse, mundane shooter games, having her characters compared to other characters, and quick to anger and/or judgemental people.

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